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Ashton & Associates Recruiting is a team of headhunters, recruiters and human resource consultants serving Employers of Choice in the BC Interior, Okanagan and Lower Mainland.

Hiring Should Be Your No. 1 Job. … It might be hard to even imagine this right now, but you should be hiring with an eye to the day when you’re going to delegate even your CEO position and step back from the business’s day-to-day operations so that you can focus on making sure that your company is prepared for what’s next. – Richard Branson

Good hiring happens when you are working with a team of human resource professionals you know, like and trust.

Barbara Ashton, founder and Chief Executive Search Consultant at Ashton & Associates, is widely respected as one of the leading independent headhunters of Canada’s recruitment industry. Her team shares in a wealth of talent — business development, human resources, team building, immigration consulting, psychometric assessments, but most of all they are number one at head-hunting and executive search.

When candidate sourcing through career advertising, job boards, employee referrals — or even other recruitment agencies — isn’t delivering the value you need, look to the team at Ashton & Associates Recruiting. 


What our clients say about us.

I must say that you are the benchmark for me for recruiter satisfaction. You covered the entire country and found the right candidate in an industry with very few experts in Canada. It was certainly a pleasure to work with you.

— Jeff Starnaman, Human Resources Manager, Lafarge Canada


I felt that you really worked hard for us, and took the time and trouble to get to the meat of our issue, and you came up with some very solid candidates, and filled these vacancies! I will definitely look towards retaining you in future as we move towards future positions here.

I am particularly impressed with how you really “listened” to what was being said… I have dealt with a number of recruiters over my past HR roles, and you and your associate really stood out with your very obvious client focused approach. It is nice to see, as to tell you the truth, I have had less than stellar success (and opinions) of recruiters and headhunters in the past!

— Darin Kennedy HR & Administration Manager, Tk’Emlups te Secwepemc


We knew we needed help finding a new Production Manager for our plant in Kamloops. We had been recruiting for six months, nationally and world-wide, for this critical role without results. That’s when we called in Ashton Associates. The Ashton team took over the search process, and within a relatively short period of time, they had not only sourced one outstanding candidate, but a strong number two as well. We found both candidates to be well screened for skills, values, motivation, and overall fit. I highly recommend anyone with a critical role to fill to look to the search professionals at Ashton & Associates.

— Eric Isenor Plant Manager Lafarge Canada


 You need highly skilled recruiters you can count on to grow your business.  We invite you to put the Ashton & Associates Recruiting team at the top of your A-list headhunters.

Ashton & Associates Recruiting offices in Kamloops and Kelowna serving the BC Okanagan Interior region.
Select recruiting affiliates throughout Vancouver and Western Canada for all your hiring needs.

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