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BAD HIRE CALCULATOR                                                                                                          

Employee turnover. Lost work days. These are just a few of the ways a bad hire can damage your bottom line. This calculator can help you estimate the costs your company incurs for making a bad hire.

Costs to Advertise
Number of Ads Placed Price of Each Ad
HR Staff Costs
HR Hours Involved Average Annual Salary
Costs to Interview
No. of Candidates Interviewed Number of Interviewers
Average Salary of Interviewers Average Hours per Interview
Productivity Losses
Enter Salary of Bad Hire Number of Months Employed
Relocation Costs
Enter 0 if No Relocation Costs
Costs of Training
Enter Salary of Bad Hire Number of Months in Training

Provided to you by Barbara Ashton, Founder of Ashton & Associates Recruiting Inc. "Your Recruitment Specialist"

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